Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day

So I’m starting a blog.  Because my New Year’s Resolution is to be more annoying.

When I told my friend Robert I was thinking of starting a blog he said with real sadness in his voice,

“Oh God, it’s not going to be mommy humor, is it?”

I cannot assure you that this blog will be entirely devoid of mommy humor.

What I will promise is that this blog will not consist solely of hilarious anecdotes regarding the consistency of my baby’s poop and/or lengthy musings on the myriad joys of the wipes warmer. This would, I recognize, be wrong.

For all of us.

My baby, by the way, is this person:

We call him Snoodlebug the Doodlebear Count of Cuddleville, but you can call him Snood.  He is 3 months old and although his shirt is slightly obscured in this photo, it nonetheless delivers a simple message of truth:  He Picked the Best Mommy.  Or perhaps the most easily confused and disorganized mommy - that onesie was not available for sale as of press time.

Anyway, welcome to blog.

Unfortunately for you and your appetite for parental despair related fun-time musings I am currently on vacation with my family in Florida.  This means I have almost a dozen people helping me with the baby and thus have no real news to report.  

I'll think I'll go have a margarita and get back in the hot tub.

Stay tuned.  And Happy New Year.