Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What I Did on My Summer Vacation!

Well, it looks as though summer has come to an end, news that is melancholy on all fronts EXCEPT ONE! Yes, folks, this year, the arrival of Labor Day brings with it a single bright light - - - the return of!

*sounds of rejoicing*

I fled the blog sometime back in August, in order to devote massive amounts of quality time to dipping El Snoodo in sunscreen, before heading out in search of water sources in which to plunge ourselves.

But now that fall is in the air, I hereby declare myself ready to fall into autumn's cobwebby arms and begin, once again, to blog about my questionable parenting choices!

First, an update since my last post - - the plague has finally abated (though, not before Typhoid Snoodie managed to pass it on to his grandmother, his parents, my cousin, my sister, his babysitter and two family friends).

I tell you, this cold was one for the record books. We were laid so low by it that at one point my husband turned his goopy eyes to me and said in-between hacking coughs,

"We're never going to be well again. This is it for us."

I gave him some chocolate and sent him back to bed, figuring that it was probably useless to try to explain the unlikelihood that the two of us had managed to catch the world's first incurable cold. And, as it turned out, we were not chosen to suffer endlessly. Eventually, we all recovered and managed to crawl from our sickbeds and back out into the sunshine.

One other delightful development since my last post is that Snood has come a long way since ARP! In fact, he is now performing tricks on command!

Our relationship now involves little more than the following exchange repeated without end:

Me: How big is Snoodie?
Snood raises hands above head to indicate bigness.
Me: SO BIG!!!!

It seems simple but, let me tell you, after eight months of attempting to decipher a series of ever-loudening cries without success, this first glimmer that Snoodie actually speaks English is pretty much the best thing to ever happen to me.

So, that's the news for now! Start looking for the blog again on Wednesdays. Lots more tales to report in the weeks ahead as my little Snoodie turns one!