Sunday, October 10, 2010

Random Thoughts

On Saturday I made the highly questionable choice to fly to Chicago for three days with my 2-year-old (yes, exactly 24-months) and my four-month-old. Three people + two seats + four hours in the skies x two legs = massive potential disaster. Unfortunately for the blog BOTH my boys were absolute dreams on each flight. Which is good in that it means that I may attempt air travel again in the future, but bad in that it (somewhat surprisingly) gives me nothing to write about this week.

Perhaps I can ask you to content yourselves with this brief series of entirely random and perhaps deeply mediocre observations. How 'bout it?

The Fall:

I have just noticed that in the last month I have started falling down. Like, a lot. Now, I'm not talking about your regular run-of-the-mill stumbles. I'm telling you that in the last four weeks I have taken no less than three SPECTACULAR spills. Like, I'm walking along happily and then with no warning, I trip. I proceed to fly through the air superman style before crashing to Earth with a thud. Then, the rolling begins. WHAT IS THIS HIDEOUS NEW DEVELOPMENT?

So far my two leading theories (thanks for your help Yahoo! answers) are either I am having a series of small strokes that have so far gone undetected, OR that I seriously need to start getting more sleep. I'll let you know what develops. In the mean time, if you see me rolling by please do lend me a hand getting back to my feet.

Helpful Hint:

Hi there business men behind me in line at the LAX security checkpoint on Saturday morning! Just a quick note: When you saw me attempting to free my two kids from the double stroller, then somehow contain them while I lugged said stroller's now-empty carcass onto the belt while simultaneously removing my liquids for inspection, you chose to ignore my plight. Which I guess I can excuse. Hey, I made the choice to undertake this vaguely impossible task, so why should I suddenly make it your problem, right? I get it. But, when you decided to view my distress as the perfect opportunity to CUT ME IN LINE, I gotta say guys, you lost me. I am forced to conclude that both of you DEEPLY SUCK AS PEOPLE. Thank you for your time.

In Closing:

I joined the CSA! This means that every two weeks I will picking up a new box of fresh veggies from a bunch of wacky hippies! Then I shall consume those veggies with my soon to be healthy and thriving children! As you can tell, I am strangely excited by the prospect. I clearly believe that the simple act of participating in community supported agriculture will somehow magically transform me into my greatest pioneer self!

I'll be living off the land!

I'll be partaking in whole foods!

I'll be eating things like beets! (OK, maybe not the part with the beets. I'm not really gonna eat those.)

Wish me luck!

Oh, and do feel free to let me know if you have any idea what to do with six graffiti eggplant and a pound of kale.