Thursday, September 26, 2013

What We're Talking About at Our House

What We're Talking About at Our House:
  • What color are tennis balls?
  • Do elephants have penises?
  • What kind of trees are countries?
  • Doo-de-doo is how a song goes.
  • Mr. Potato Head has a butt!
  • We live on the world. That's where California is. The world.
  • I GOT IT! (Said by 19-month-old upon picking up anything)
  • Hats are for your head - not your legs
  • If you go into the street a car can crash you
  • My favorite part of today was last Halloween
  • I like Chinese noodles with vegetables but not the vegetable part
  • What's for dinner? [Insert any answer] That's not my favorite!
  • When superheroes aren't super they turn into grownups.
  • I'm sad and I don't like it!
  • Can we get a carrot for a snowman's nose? 
  • Boys have penises. Not girls.
  • The baby should NOT be touching your phone!
  • Sand does not taste right.
  • These pants are broken.
  • Chickens aren't frightening.
  • Watermelon is the best of the fruits!
  • Can we go to a Haunted House that is not scary?
  • You can eat food but not people.
  • Mom! MOM! Mommy! Mom! MOM!!!!
  • I made a mistake and wrote on the bed.
  • I'm going to stop living here and go live on the moon.
  • The baby should have the broccoli. She wants it.
  • It's an EMERGENCY!*
  • I don't want to be a big boy! I want to stay a little boy.
  • When it comes out of your butt it is called a fart. When it comes out of your mouth it is called a burp.
*Please note this phrase has never resulted in the discovery of an actual emergency

What are you guys talking about?