Thursday, June 5, 2014

A Brief Update

Hey Guys!

So our plan to move East has moved from "planning phase" to "holy crap its happening phase". This means we are on the eve of a cross-country move.

In other news, the house we were in the middle of purchasing in New York fell through. This means that my little family of FIVE leaves LA on Monday without, you know, a destination. It's pretty much like a leap of faith where we are 100% sure there is no ground on the other side. 

So it is that I've been pretty busy rocking back and forth, panicking, breaking out into crying fits and hurriedly attempting to bolster my childrens' song and dance skills in case we should need to live for months or years as traveling vaudevillians.  

What I haven't been doing a lot of is, you know, blog writing. But at least now I have provided an excuse. 

The blog will return next week. Until that time please enjoy this picture of a kitten in a pile of marshmallows: