Thursday, August 30, 2012

Losin' It

It's time to lose the baby weight.

To be frank it is PAST time. My daughter is nearly 7 months old and I've somehow managed to gain ten pounds since her birth.

And when I say "somehow" I guess I mean "by eating 3,500 calories a day as if I were still pregnant". That whole "the weight will just fall off from breastfeeding" thing has proven no match for my unique ability to consume half a dozen $100,000 bars at a sitting.


After my first pregnancy I had about thirty pounds to lose. I thought about how to approach this dilemma and realized that I could either

a.  Radically alter my eating habits and begin a strict exercise regimen.


b.  Get pregnant again.

I chose Option Number B, restocked my freezer with dozens of Good Humor bars, and never looked back.

When Baby #2 left my bodily premises, I found myself once again struggling with the motivation to lose weight. 

But as it turned out, motivation found me in the form of a grey chiffon bridesmaid dress. As a member of my sister-in-law's wedding party, I'd had the following non-delightful conversation with a dress consultant three months after giving birth.

"Well, let's see here, according to your measurements you're a size 16 bust, size 20 waist, and size 12 hips."

Rather than ordering three different dresses and having them patched together Frankenstein-style, I decided that I should probably just go ahead and lose some weight. Fired up with chiffon-based motivation, I managed to drop thirty pounds over the course of the next eight months. 

And as much as I hate to tell people who ask me expectantly, 

"How did you do it?"

I did it by just eating really reasonable food and exercising a whole lot. Boring, but it worked.

Me at the wedding. Please note insane man arms resulting from my sister's innocuous suggestion that "as long as your arms look good the rest of you will look good". Easy on the free weights, crazy!

Exactly one week after the above picture was taken I found out I was pregnant. And now a year and a half later, I find myself with a beautiful daughter and 25 pounds to lose.

Because we've had what will almost certainly be our last child, I think there is a part of me that is really rebelling against getting back on a normal eating program. It's as if something inside of me believes that once I give up the massive caloric free-for-all that has marked each of my pregnancies, the door to eating anything fun is closed to me forever. And, to be frank, when you are home all day with three kids under four it can be easy to see food as one's nearly sole source of comfort.

"I've changed a dozen diapers since 8am and gotten puked on twice so no one is going to deny me my right to eat 7 slices of pizza as I watch the Real Housewives after they've all gone to bed!!!!!"

But it's time to turn the corner. To remember how much better I feel when I'm making healthier life choices. To acknowledge that I want to be a good food role model for my kids. To PUT THE ICE CREAM DOWN.

And I'm feeling pretty motivated. Though if you wanted to do me a solid you could ask me to be a bridesmaid in your wedding sometime in early 2013. 

It would really help me out.


  1. You can do it! You did it before - and your arms looked awesome! Im working out like crazy to get nice arms. Sigh. One day. My baby is 9 months and Ive lost 50 lbs (20 lbs more than when I got pregnant)! I did it the boring way too... eay healthy and work out a ton. Although my motto, it is not about self deprivation but everything in moderation. If you have an iPhone it makes it much easier too (and really fun)! I tell everyone about myfitnesspal app (also online) and Nike training apps... all free! Good luck!!

  2. My baby is almost six months. The same month I lost the baby weight from our first son I found out ( joyously but still ) that I was pregnant with our second son. It took us four years and a lot of work and money to have our first child so a surprise baby was quite...surprising. And being pregnant the second time around was less 'I shall only eat organic grapes harvested by virgins" and more "FOOOOOOOD omg I have to eat ANNNNNYTHING" followed by a bag of Lindor Balls or something. So here I waddle. It's an ugly, ugly time. I have lost 20 pounds but can't seem to budge the last 15. My weight seems to fluctuate wildly by 10 pounds so sometimes I seem close and sometimes....less close. Annnyhow, I am right there with you. I never lose weight while nursing. EVER. I hate those women who do. I just get saggier boobs.

  3. Baby girl is 7 and a half months. I made it to my last seven pounds purely through nursing and sleep deprivation and lifting my 20 pound butterbean who has never ever slept through the night. I now feel I am going in the wrong direction. It is almost as if I am scared to get the non-baby baking body back. Afraid to try. That is seriously stupid but it is the truth. You are inspiring me. I don't know how to find the time but I need to or I will go crazy and never fit back in my pants. And I like my pants.

  4. Thanks for the encouragement! The words "Lindor Balls" kind of made my day. One thing I will say is that my gym has child care which is a HUGE motivator. Anything that means I get to be alone for an hour - even it does involve being on a treadmill!

  5. I did it with the Dub-Dub and I've managed to maintain for, wow, almost 2 years. I failed at WW 5 times before this one. I LOVE TO EAT and I do NOT love to exercise. Even 2 years out though I have to track almost everything I eat, I have no gauge for what I'm actually putting in my mouth. Good luck, or, congrats on your pregnancy!

  6. Watch your mouth SS! We're all about no baby whammies in these parts. WW it is. I actually do love to exercise but I'm having trouble remembering that right about now when I've spent so much delicious time on the couch eating with abandon...